Wednesday, May 23, 2007


At a press conference this Thursday, Dubya McNormanBates illustrated that he is mother-effing-off-the-chain-batshit-call-the-men-in-the-white-coats-crazy. David Gregory (R-Beltway Cocktail Weenie Eater) had the nerve to ask a question other than "How can you be such a strong steadfast and resolute leader? Is it cuz you talk to God?" Sooooooo, The Spooker In Chief proceeded to tell Gregory in his trademark basic language that: "Osama's gonna git your kids! He's gonna kill 'em all dead! That's why you darin to ask me all your smart-guy questions is gonna get 'em murdered dead by them there Islamofascists we created by invadin Iraq! Ooga Booogaa Boogaa!" Alright....he didn't really say 'Ooga Booga'.....but you can clearly see in his face how badly he wanted to.

This is the man the Democrats cannot stand up to on the Iraq Funding Bill? A man who has a 29% approval rating and an administration imploding under the weight of it's corruption and cronyism? A man who has taken to scare-mongering the milquetoast DC Beltway White House Press Whorps with threats of their children being murdered in response to fair questions about his policy and leadership? Even our wild-life knows this pathetic little man is full of shit. Are you fucking kidding me Reid? Newsflash Ms. Pelosi, the left didn't put your asses in the majority because we blindly follow whoever holds the gavel.

Democrats are fine with using those who are passionate about the issues and protecting the Constitution to get elected. They excite us with hearings and investigations that have yet to result in legal action against the offenders who used their office and/or access to our government to steal money and grab power. And, no laws have been passed to prevent further abuse. So when it's time for them to come through on the most important promise they made to the American people, which was to end the Iraq debacle? They allow pea-brained Fox Noise Propagandists to beat them back into a corner like a Gitmo detainee. Is all of this nothing but the political theater the Republix claim it to be? I don't know, but if I were to pick my choice for POTUS right now, it would be Keith Olbermann.

My mom was fond of responding to my rebellious teenage rants with the age-old phrase: 'Honey you just can't fight City Hall' or in other words 'the people have no power'. Either I finally convinced her that I was right or knowing her time was short, she felt she had nothing left to lose, irregardless...she started fighting it right along with me during her last year. She signed petitions, sent money to campaigns, argued with detractors (including her husband), and voted for a party she'd never had voted for before. And as I write this, I hear the news the Senate passed the Iraq Occupation Extension Bill. I'm sick to my stomach, my heart feels like it's being squeezed by a rich white meaty blood-stained hand. I thanked her for joining my fight during our last precious time together. Sorry Mom, wherever you are....maybe I was wrong and you were right after all. It looks like City Hall has won again.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Others' Mother's

As embarrassing as this is to admit, it was just about one year ago that I learned the origin of Mother's Day began with a peace movement. It was one of those head-slapping moments. Of course! Who first and foremost but those that put their entire being into raising a child would fight for peace? It explains my own mother's change of political heart before she died. When we would talk politics leading up to the 2004 election, she told me that she voted for Nixon because he promised to end the Vietnam War and then shortly after he won office, he carpet-bombed Cambodia. So when the Bush administration pushed to go to war in Iraq, she knew better than to trust their word. As Dubya McAWOL really meant to say..."Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you." Or a better example of wisdom might be from Spanky of The Little Rascals: 'You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool Mom'.
Imagine what Iraqi mothers have been experiencing over these many years. Their child goes off to school, some fundamentalist extremist asshole sets off a car bomb as that child seeks to enter the school's doors and in an instant the love of their life is dead. Or what about the victims of the forgotten war in Afghanistan? Their daughters witness fundamentalists executing their teachers for teaching girls. How do you deal with that? How do you deal with telling your daughter her teacher was murdered for teaching her? And how (or do) you continue her education? Iraq's universities are under constant attack and many professors have been assassinated. Do Iraqi and Afghani mothers encourage their children to further their education at such a risk? Or do they keep them holed up at home ensuring their children never realize any of their dreams and condemning them to a life of poverty?

In many a third world country; large corporations have destroyed the environment, enslaved the populace into forced labor, bought off the local governments, murdered leaders who wanted to do right by the people and left mothers with only polluted water and arid land with which to feed their children. If those children don't die of hunger, they die from diarrhea from the bacteria in their water or from AIDS because US foreign aid currently under the Bush Administration, forbids funding condom education. In some of these regions; government militias easily manipulate the populace with fear, rape and murder of the children. Or they kidnap the children and force them into becoming murderers themselves. What goes through the mind of a woman in Darfur while she in the throes of pain during the delivery of her child? Does she dare hold any hope of a future for that child's life? Does she worry the boy she has just brought into this world may someday kill her?

In China and other third world nations, mothers and their children work seven days a week, 14 hours a day... sometimes till they drop dead, so Americans can buy cheap crap at the local ExploitMart. My brother is a VP for a shipping company, he told me that the United States' largest export is used paper that is recycled and made into boxes in China to hold all that cheap crap they manufacture and ship to the U.S. Yep, you heard right. America's largest export is our own waste. Do the poor sweatshop worker mothers of China hold their newly born infants on their chest, breathing in their scent, offer a pinky finger for their newborn to grip and kiss their fragile forehead while feeling hope this child will get to live a good life? If so, how long does that hope last till their reality sets in?

My mom was always there to give me hope and champion or give guidance on whatever I wanted to do. And save for legality or common sense, she never put any restrictions on what I could do with my life. She was an Irish-American female force of nature that didn't take any crap and was, as she characterized herself , 'a lioness protecting her cubs'. But, save the occasional 'Liver For Dinner Night' my siblings and I never went hungry. Though I know she would have, she never had to throw her body on top of any of us to shield us from a car bomb. Being an American citizen whose parents made it into the middle-class after emigrating two generations prior, she knew her kids would never sew cheap garments 100 hours a week to make pennies a day.

So since this coming Sunday is Mothers Day, I hope that anyone reading my guilt ridden rant (Duh! it is Mother's Day, what else did you expect?) decides to take some time to honor the true origin of this day and do something about peace and helping all the 'other mothers' that deserve to share the same hope we here in America do, for their own children. Oh yeah... and don't forget to comb your hair, tuck in your shirt, take out the garbage, clean your room and shut the door already! You weren't born in a barn were you?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back To The Future

Fellow Liberal Drinkers, I did not watch the Republican POTUS debates. I stand steadfastly and resolutely by my previous statements that it's way too freaking early for this shit. But, I did spend several minutes watching Chris Matthews' pre-show on MSNBC. If I heard him lovingly reference Ronald Reagan in a Jeff Gannonish-way twenty times, I heard it a thousand and not just because the debates were being held at Reagan's tomb. I'll get to that disturbing little fact later. But for the time being...Eeeewww! Anyway, what I got from my mercifully short viewing of MSNBC's 'DC Pundits With Dead Man-Crushes Gone Wild', is that they and the GOP believe what America needs and wants from them is another Ronny.

Do they long for a president that will be mentally incapacitated his entire second term? Does the nostalgia of a nuclear arms race with the former Soviet Union bring a tear to their eye? Or is it just that they miss those good old days when their scandals were slightly fewer and the biggest one merely involved selling arms to Iran? Can't say that I blame them completely, seeing that their Commander Guy and his gang of Rubber Stampers are responsible for the Scandal Tsunami that swept their dreams of a one-party state far out of reach last November. Or maybe it's just that they miss the 'glamour' of the 80's....wanton greed, snorting coke and being called Yuppies...

I don't remember much good about Reagan or the 80's. I will forever hate that pink-cheeked mentally-demented SOB for refusing to acknowledge HIV/AIDS as a major health threat . Former Reagan Administration Communications Director (and current MSNBC pundit) Pat Buchanan, claimed that AIDS was 'nature's revenge on gay men'. Reagan's position on HIV/AIDS not only contributed to the spread of the disease but fomented the heinous persecution and discrimination of dying people.

I remember his skinny reeyoch beyotch of a wife telling poor folks to 'Just Say No' to drugs; the twentieth-century's equivalent to 'Let Them Eat Cake'. I remember Reagan tried to get ketchup classified as a vegetable for the lunches we provide poor and low-income school children after he called all of their mom's 'Welfare Queens'.

I remember my middle-class parents struggling with high interest loans and higher taxes. They had two kids graduating from college during the middle of his first term and two more entering college at the beginning of his second. I don't think my poor mom even smiled even once that entire decade. I remember huge budget deficits and the destruction of the air traffic controller's union. Reagan's domestic policy screwed both the poor and the middle-class equally.

In 1984, the same year I graduated from high-school, the Doomsday Clock inched the closest it ever had towards 'midnight' due to Reagan's nuclear arms policy. A movie starring Matthew Broderick about the near nuclear annihilation of our planet, called War Games, was nominated for 3 Oscars in 1983. Another 1983 movie gem which was made for TV, called The Day After, about what would happen the day after we bombed the crap out of each other with nukes, was all the talk in the hallways of my high-school. The 80's were scary as hell.

I remember that we lost John Lennon in the 80's and to this day I dream of how he would have been another brave vital voice against the malicious idiocy of the Bush Administration and their vacant-eyed-drooling followers.

The Republicans want to give Americans another Reagan? The last guy they shoved down our throats, Dubya, is Reagan on steroids, booze and cocaine. And incidentally just as mentally incapacitated albeit in a different way. I haven't been this frightened of the state of our nation or world since Reagan was president.

Personal aside to the GOP: For reasons I list above Ronny was not the best your party has offered America. How about another Roosevelt, Lincoln or Eisenhower instead? Not only were they much better examples of true leadership but they are just as dead as Ronny so you can satisfy your morbidly obsessive creepy stalker-ish tendencies by debating at their grave-sites as well.

The current decade under Republican leadership is even scarier and crappier than the last one they gave the American people. Instead of the Doomsday Clock we have the Rapture Watch. Instead of a nuclear race, our illegal invasion of Iraq has radicalized millions of Muslims against the west. Instead of HIV/AIDS, we have accelerated global warming and climate change threatening to wipe out the human race. We cannot afford another 'The Next Reagan'.

For our sake, let's hope that 2008 will be the year that the GOP realizes that going back in time to fix the future is only possible on a studio lot in California. Hello...McFly!