Thursday, June 26, 2008

Change We Can't Believe In - RIP 4th Amendment

Today we learned that only 15 Senators give a damn about the Bill of Rights. I guess us Cleveland Liberal Drinkers can take some comfort our Senator, Sherrod Brown, voted with the good guys. But that's very small comfort when the candidate many liberals championed to become the Democratic POTUS nominee, Barack Obama, has taken a stance that Ben Franklin would scoff at and decided that trading liberty for security is just fine. Call me crazy but I don't see how his stance on this issue is one iota of 'change' from the current administration's.

Of course Senate Majority Leader Harry 'Microscopic Balls' Reid promises the Dems will try really really hard to strip immunity for the Telecoms out of the bill so the Bush Administration and Telecoms who violated the Constitution can be held accountable....but he's not promising anything because he knows they'll pass the bill with immunity included. Harry's afraid he might get another atomic-wedgie from Trent Lott if they don't.

Gee, I wonder why the Dems are so willing to cave? Could the reason be that 94 Democrats have taken an average of about $8,000 each in campaign donations from the Telecoms since 2005 and they want to continue suckling the generous bosom of Ole Ma Bell and her cousins? That's a big fat DUH! And the fattest pig at the teet is Hundred Millionaire Jay Rockefeller (D-Calling Him A Whore Would Be An Insult To Whores) who has been rewarded with $50,000 in campaign donations from Verizon and AT&T employees for his successful efforts to protect their interests over his constituents.

Does anyone in their right mind really think the government wants to enlist the Telecoms in blanket surveillance and collection of personal information on the American people just to keep us all safe from all of the terrorists our government creates by invading countries with oil? That their intention with this new FISA law is purely innocent and has our best interests in mind? If you believe that, then you haven't been paying attention to what's happening in that bastion of Free Market Capitalism, China. It appears that the free market and democracy don't necessarily go hand in hand.

We've already seen that our government can control elections with information it collects on it's citizens from private companies as it did so successfully in both 2000 and 2004. I know what most of you are thinking..but, but...that was Bush! The Democrats would never ever do such a thing. Yeah, right. It's a political party folks, they want to gain power. Let's not be so naive.

Two weeks ago Obama was Mr. Progressive but this week is open to letting the T-coms off for illegally spying on you, reverses himself on NAFTA, and agrees with Scalia on both guns and the death penalty. WTF? In his defense; Hillary Clinton is no stranger to lobbyist money, helped promote NAFTA and pandered to the hardworking white male gun-owners in Pennsyltucky with tales of skeet shooting at her childhood cottage. I'm thinking she'd be no different.

Obviously most of us would never vote for McCain or any Republican for that matter, but that doesn't mean we cannot pressure the Democrats now to do what is right. Big Business, The Mediacracy, The Military Industrial Complex and the GOP all pressure the Democrats to do fall in line. If the Democratic Party is only getting pressure from the top and they aren't hearing from us at the bottom, then it's quite predictable who's voice they're going to heed.

Just hoping that once Obama is in the White House and the Dems have a larger majority in Congress everything will be OK is not realistic. I was drawn to Obama because his message asked the people to get involved in the change we all want for this country. Well, maybe it's time the people start communicating to the Obama campaign what we hope for and what change we believe in, instead of the other way around.

Obama is not taking PAC or 527 money and I just received an e-mail from Howard Dean saying the DNC is following suit. I don't know if they'll keep this policy up in the future but for now kids this is our opportunity to exert populist political pressure. Contact the Obama campaign and Dr. Dean at the DNC about the FISA cave or any other issue they are falling down on, tell them you're pissed off and you won't give any more of your 'change' until they do what's right.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

White + Male = Hardworking

I tell ya kids, I'm beginning to resent being called an elitist-latte-drinking-Volvo-driving-liberal-egghead by wealthy campaign surrogates/pundits in the Democratic party. Hearing that kind of right-wing framing of those of us left of center, by Democrats no less, is really beginning to piss me off. Especially considering that as a college educated person; my middle-class household has only one car that costs less than what Paul Begala makes in a month. And no, it's not a used Volvo. I wonder what that little troglodyte drives, hmmm? A used Ford Focus? My ass he does. Dollars to donuts Begala drives a recent year Beemer to fit his college education, fancy Beltway abode and above the five percentile income range.

And can someone please tell me what is with this meme being offered by Hillary's campaign that only white voters, especially the male ones, are hard-working? How can these supposedly smart people be so goddamned stupid? They have no real idea what America is really like and yet they have the nerve to say her opponent is out of touch.

The middle-class is not the only hard-working segment of this society. We have millions of people of all races classified as 'the working poor' stuck in low-wage jobs yet living at the poverty line. Most college educated people are members of the middle-class, not all of them are white, not all of them are men, and they all bust their asses working long hours 24/7/365. It's as if her campaign and it's surrogates are trapped in one 30 year long episode of 'All In The Family'.

To be fair, it isn't just the Clinton camp pigeonholing all of America. Every night some fool punditute from the Mediacracy plugs us into some role in the Bunker household. Edith and Gloria naturally support Hillary because she's a woman, Archie won't vote for a black guy, and Meathead is the lone Obama supporter because he's a lazy liberal unemployed college graduate.

If that dated sit-com allegory the politicians and pundits take as gospel were true: Hillary would have won soundly in overwhelmingly white states early in the primary. She'd have been running her campaign against her friend John McCain for three months now and Obama would be back in the Senate with his tail between his legs. But that's not how it's all worked out is it?

Aren't Democrats are supposed to be the party that believes all Americans regardless of race, gender, class or sexual orientation are equal and valuable? The party that is supposed to respect and encourage education instead of mocking it? The proudly liberal party that doesn't use the word liberal as an insult like right wing thugs?

Hillary's problem maintaining her 'inevitability' this election season didn't stem from chauvinists' leery of her gender or even a deep-seated Clinton animus; it was that she campaigned like a Republican in a Democratic race and that she listened to the idiots around her that told her only The Bunkers matter.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Have Met The Enemy And He/She Is Us

Well kids. I'm glad our primary election is over but I'm beginning to come down with a wicked case of Buyer's Remorse. Weeks ago I thought I had finally realized some grand wish to have my vote counted. And it was. And that's great. And I have no doubt it was a fair election. And yes, I still think a national primary should be held on one day across the nation so we can all have our say at one time. Do it all in March or April. Make it a National Holiday for pity's sake.

How freaking hard can that be to do? Congress names post offices, streets, and days for all sorts of people and reasons all of the time. Need to name something after the guy who put the first water pump in some obscure town in America back in 1882? No problem! Congress will spring to action. If Congress has the time to spend acknowledging Christianity's contribution to our Secular nation; it can manage to give us all one freaking day to pick our presidential candidates.

But. This race for the Democratic nomination has gotten really ugly. Please spare me the lecture. I know the Republicans will lie, cheat, smear, steal, mug grandmas, kick puppies, double-dip the salsa, rip the tags off mattresses, and sell their souls to Satan to win in November. They've done it before. I get it. I just do not like watching Democrats act like Republicans.

The Punditutes would have us believe that such politicking is to be respected, it shows that the candidate is a 'fighter'. I just don't buy it. Since when is lying, fomenting bigotry, fear mongering and openly mocking voters respectable? Here are some examples of good old 'Merkan politicking that get the cocktail weenies of Mediacratic Mooks standing at attention:

By the way, I looked for similar examples for the other Democratic Candidate in this race. The worst factual example I found was a dispute over the word "boon". And while lots of folks may want that candidate to fight the slime with more slime to win the nomination. I do not. Since when is fighting lies and garbage with more lies and garbage the admirable or practical thing to do? So, what happens if the person who slings the most garbage wins the Nom?

More lies and garbage for 3 months until they win or lose in November. If they lose then it will be "The Democrats turned moderates and independents off with their nasty campaigning". If they win? Well then we'll have another President who was willing to lie, cheat, smear, steal, mug grandmas, kick puppies, double-dip the salsa, rip the tags off of mattresses and sell their soul to Satan to be President.

In other words, nothing will change.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super Suckers

Several posts ago I lamented the fact that the states (like Ohio) at the end of the presidential primary schedule never have any impact on the choice of the nominee. But as events have unfolded over the last five weeks, we learned that Inevitability only exists in the absence of Hope and it would appear that lots of voters have Hope. Hot damn! Ohio may actually be a player in this primary election.

It took some time for it to sink in that for the first time in my life, my primary vote could actually make a difference. Then last week, while making dinner with Mr. Drinking Liberally, I blurted out: "OH MY GOD MY VOTE IS ACTUALLY GOING TO COUNT!" Mr. DL nearly lost a digit chopping onions and the dogs erupted in howls that begged "What the living hell is wrong with you Bi-Peds now?" But I didn't care. I was overcome with joy. Downright giddy. I almost felt like a virgin again!!!! Okay, okay...that's a bit of a stretch, but come all didn't have to laugh so hard at the thought - man you people are cold.

Anyway, today my elevated sense of self-esteem at the thought of my own electoral might came crashing to earth. It seems there are these creatures called 'Super Delegates' and they have the power to crush an electoral majority with their extra special powers - aka being a party insider, political official, or elected representative. You see Super Delegates votes are equal to that of 10,000 of us little paeans and they don't have to restrict their powers by voting with the majority of delegates from their respective states. That's right kiddies, they can vote for whoever they want whether it reflects the majority of the state they represent or not. Huh.

Say Candidate A wins the majority of the 'little people' delegates from all of the states; if enough Super Delegates decide to vote against their state delegates wishes, they could give the nomination to Candidate B. Sooooo, how do these Extra Special Super Duper Better Than You And Me Voters decide what to do? Well, folks the word on the street is that there's a lot of wheeling, dealing, ass-kissing, and promise-making going on between the Candidates and The ESSDBTYAMV's. Would they like to be ambassador to France? Well, that can be arranged toute suite! Need to get your kid a cushy government job because the economy sucks wad in Ohio? Well, make sure you get them your eye's apple a resume asap! Need some help for your campaign in 2010? How would you like a sitting President at your fundraiser? Hmmmm?

For a glimpse in the life of a Super Delegate: meet Jason Rae, a 21 year old college junior and Democratic Party member who has never voted before, yet his cell phone perpetually rings with calls from candidates and their surrogates looking to woo him for his Super Vote. One day, he flipped open his cell phone and on the other line was Bill. Would Jason like to meet Chelsea? What 21 year old male political nerd wouldn't want to meet the gorgeous 28 year old daughter of a former president? Poor Obama, his daughters are much too young and his wife, while a gorgeous kick ass woman, is much older than 28 and currently betrothed. I doubt Jason would be all that stoked to eat breakfast with them. Maybe Obama should arrange a hunting date with Jason and his distant cousin Dick. FYI Jason, when Dick yells 'duck' remember that he's hunting quail.

I don't know about you guys, but to me this whole Super Delegate scheme reeks. It's sooo Banana Republic and I don't mean the upscale Gap clothing brand, I mean the type of government where the party elitists pick your leaders. Millions of voters can make the decision to nominate one candidate then 842 'special' people can overturn it because they got to make googly eyes with a former president's offspring or pocket the mother of all political favors. I hate to use the word 'pimping' when describing the practice of trading your vote for your own personal political gain because that word has pissed off so many people but also because the word 'whoring' is actually the more appropriate term to describe it.

Suddenly my virginal excitment over my vote counting for the very first time in the presidential primary (let alone in a presidential election) has been replaced by that 'not so fresh feeling' of realizing that as an Ohioan, once again my vote may really not count. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this time around those responsible could be from my own party.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses Are Sooooo 'Yesterday'

Let me begin by prefacing that George Bush is the single worst president we've had in history. And the GOP controlled Congress sucked waaaayyyy more than the Congress we have now, one that is only by a slim margin, controlled by Democrats. And it goes without saying that every single one of the GOP POTUS candidates have potential to steal Dubya McCodpiece's 'Worst President Ever' mantle. But of course, we Americans should have much higher standards shouldn't we? After all we have The Constitution. But, alas, we Americans also have the world's worst collective case of ADD in recorded history.

I just want everyone out there to take a sober look back to the Clinton era without their rose-colored glasses. The best way to do that is to read this piece from Alternet by David Morris. Here's the link: I know you don't want to read it kids, but please do not ignore it. It's not slime, it's not about Monica, it's the facts.

Bill Clinton's Administration did not operate as a Democratic administration and they were not in the least bit progressive. For instance, 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' was hardly the mark of anyone you could call progressive. It was gutless, ridiculously condescending to the gay men and women in uniform and in the long run hurt them more. If they were asked under orders they had to tell and then well, they were out of the military. The policy sanctioned discrimination, the only thing that can keep a gay American from being discharged from the military is if their superior decides not to ask them if they are gay. Could any of you out there imagine that your employment rode on the question of who you love? Could you imagine going to work everyday fearing your boss would ask that question? I know as a straight person I could not and when I put myself into their shoes it's beyond maddening to imagine it happening to me.

The Clinton Administration had as much contempt for the New Deal and Great Society as any Republican. Legislation that the first Bush or Reagan could have only dreamed of passing became reality under Clinton: NAFTA, The T-Com Act of '96, deregulation run amok, the rise of Enron, and Welfare Reform that recreated the 19th century class of the perpetually poor.

I have always been fond of saying (just ask Mr. Drinking Liberally for verification) that 'Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we ever had'. And I'll be damned if I do not get horrified gasps from Democrats, 'How dare you!...We...we...had a surplus! He was the first black president!' Sigh....what I wouldn't do for a drug from Merck that would jog their memories of that time. JUST KIDDING YA'LL! Merck is evil, to be honest so is every pharma company..if they weren't I wouldn't have to spend ten minutes a day deleting drug spam from my inbox.!

Anyway, when an administration enacts crappy policy it can take years to affect the population. Normally we have that yin/yang thing going and the succeeding administration pulls the country back. But no. In 2000, we got Dubya McCheney'sbitch who took the crappy policy-ball all the way into the endzone and then some.

So let's look at what we are dealing with a decade after the Clintonian promises that technology would solve all of our manufacturing loss woes, that deregulation serves the consumer not the CEO and Friedmanesque trade deals lift the third world out of poverty while guaranteeing the greedy American consumer low, low prices: under-employment, a stock-market that's all over the place, global sweatshop labor, rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, the middle-class tanking, unregulated industries soaking consumers with no accountability, Mexicans leaving their families to find work up north, foreclosures, unions battling for their lives as well as workers rights, corporate influence in every piece of legislation enacted, a pathetically biased media, etc...etc. Dubya in his wildest dreams could not have created this, he had help. He had Bill.

There was a time when I too wore the rose-colored glasses when looking back at the 90s when Clinton was president. Especially back in 2003 when Bush decided that America was entitled to attack any nation that just gave him the heebie-jeebies and Congress agreed. But over the course of the last four years I've really educated myself on our history, the state of our nation and what liberalism and progressivism means. And I found those rose-colored glasses no longer fit my need to see the truth.

My question to all of you Liberal Drinkers you really want real change in this nation? Do you really want to trade rose-colored glasses for a stronger prescription that is difficult to deal with at first but you'll get used to, be glad you tried and will realize the future will be brighter as a result. That you do not want this change only for yourself but for your kids, your nieces, nephews, grandkids, your friends and their loved ones...for those who we leave behind here after we're gone. If so, you'll ask all of the POTUS candidates to rebuke the collude and compromise strategy of the DLC Democrats who fear liberals and progressives. You'll stand up for liberalism and progressivism. And you'll realize that if we want the future to be bright, we gotta lose the shades.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Audacity of Hope vs Hope Arkansas

Ahh...the Iowa Caucuses are over. Or should it be Caucusii? I'm not sure. A state with a minority population of 2.5% picked Barack 'Whoooossein' Obama over a Clinton? The Inevitable One lost to the Newbie with the "Un-Merkan" name. I'd wonder why but actually I'm not surprised at all. I can think of a few reasons and they all have to do with...we are tired of Bushes and Clintons. We want change.

Hillary made a big mistake by telling the world she played an instrumental role in her husband's administration. We've had time to reminisce since Bubba was King. While I do remember my 401K kicking ass back then, I also remember enduring 'down-sizing' and the hundreds of thousands of jobs leaving Ohio due to NAFTA. 'The Giant Sucking Sound' Perot predicted back in 1992 that would come from South of the border, moved East - finding countries willing to sell it's people into slavery for even lower wages than Mexico and willing to shower their executives even greater bonuses for wickedly huge profits. The outsourcing of all jobs be they blue collar or white, to India and China have devastated soooo many state economies it's ridiculous.

I also remember the Telecommunication's Act of 1996 that relaxed media ownership rules. Gee, that's served the public well hasn't it? Oh it hasn't? Huh. Hillary, a bit of advice...tell the nation you'd be better than your husband, tell us you would not not make the mistakes he made, and please.. don't tell us you had a hand in them. And whatever you do; do not tell us that receiving millions in campaign donations from big business lobbyists is equal to getting money from unions and public interest organizations. It's not. The ACLU and Cigna have different priorities and we are not stupid. Here endeth the lesson Hillary. You need to be, in your heart, a real populist in some way shape or form. Good luck with that.

Anyway....Obama won even though the Mediacracy said he wouldn't. The guy who the whisper campaigners did their best to play up as a 'scary terrorist' kicked ass tonight and I'll be damned if that doesn't make me happy! Whoooooo! I am truly excited about this even if he is not my personal pick. I'm hoping Mr. Audacity of Hope will take a cue from the populist candidate that nearly took him out and pay heed. Because America really wants change, they don't want someone who just talks about it.

Of course, there's the other one from Hope, Arkansas who won his race tonight. Mr. Mike 'Fox Hates Me' Huckabee...another Cinderella story of a more twisted variety...who spent gobs less yet creamed The Romney-Bot in the Iowa Caucus. Meaning - the Republicans are on their way to putting up just about the worst candidate ever. An even wackier Dubya without the money or family connections. A guy who has publicly stated: Women Must Submit To Their Husbands and Gay People Are Equatable To Necrophiliacs. Yeaaaahh, that'll play real well in the O.C. or anywhere else with running water.

Of course Mr. Old-Timey Values Guy...Huckabee aka The Huckster, has some pretty ugly baggage. He got his pre-serial-killer offspring off for hanging a dog from a tree for shits and giggles. And who could forget the rest of Mr. Aw-Shuck's plethora of corruption in office as Govengoober? It would seem that Mr. 'Aw-Shucks' is not exactly Mr. Clean. do ever I hope against hope that the Republicans keep Huckabee on top. I'd run my dog against him for president. Of course when Karly the Poop-Eating English Cocker beat Huckabee in a landslide, I'd have to step in at some point. I'd totally agree to be her Chief of Staff. It should be quite easy to spin a government official who licks herself, eats kibble, plays with inert objects, greets folks as if they are a a rock-star every time anyone she knows walks into a room, and craps wherever she feels as a being with the appropriate skills to be President compared to any GOP candidate. The improvement in diplomacy alone would be worth electing Karly The Poop Eating Dog for President. After all, we've accepted soooo much less of our President in every regard over the last seven years.

Sorry I digressed quite a bit there. But, if the election was to be held today and we'd have to choose between Obama and Huckabee? I would predict a landslide for Obama...especially since the kick-ass Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has decided to bring voting integrity back for our state. Biiiiiiiiggg kudos to Ms. Brunner!!!! I will vote this year and it will be counted..Ms. Brunner you have no idea to how many who feel that's music to their ears. Please support Ms. Brunner folks cuz you know the PD et al will not.

Of course, we've got at least two more states that need to vote before the Mediacracy decides who we are supposed to vote for. And us Ohioans don't get to weigh in till well after that...March 4th. Not fair. Ohio is a state that has been labeled as 'bell-weather' in many an election, our population diversity comes closest to resembling the nation as a whole yet our primary is practically the last to weigh in. Yet, this October we'll be bombarded with entreaties of candidates we really had no part in choosing. Heavy, heavy sigh. The primary system is anything but democratic. Maybe someday, us liberals will decide to make it so. But in the mean time kids, it's that season. And our country is calling on us to bring it back from the disaster it's fallen into.

Hope is not just a subjective noun that some guy claims audacity over or a pronoun that labels a city in the's a verb that embodies what the American people need. See you this Sunday where we'll all exhibit the meaning of hope and the spirit of Democracy when we meet to lift a pint to both.

Liberally yours,