Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Know You Are But What Am I?

Yeah...the title of this post is quite juvenile, but every time Dubya McFingerwagger speaks to this nation about other nations it's the first thing that pops into my head. I imagine Vlad The Pooty-Poot in a smoking jacket at the Kremlin in front of a fireplace with spittle flying from his lipless-pale-journalist-snuffing-mouth cursing at his television every time his Bushie-Poo plants his squinty-fat-lying-head onscreen and scolds other countries for not 'doin good at deeemockraahhseee'.

Vlad The Poot chugs high quality vodka the proles can't get from a gorgeous Polish crystal low-ball and smashes the empty vessel into the fire with Bond villain-ish flair and yells: 'You looked into my eyes and saw my soul Meeester Booosch? Vell deed you see me pointing at my ass telling you to kees it? Eh meester big-time cowboy?'

I don't blame The Pootster, as it turns out, 76% of 'Merka feels the same way. But it turns out 'Merka is even more pissed off at Congress than Vlad is at his former brother-in-oligarchy. Gee I wonder why? Oh, yeah...

This week Congress had the planetary-sized titanium balls to....end the Iraq War? Nope. Override the SCHIP veto? Ha! If a family of six can't afford health insurance on 45 G's in 'Merka they ain't shopping at Walmart or the Salvation Army. Did they pass legislation reducing our global warming pollution by 80% in the next 40 odd years? Oh...go stick a corncob in your tailpipe tree-huggers! Congress doesn't deal with that type of piddling nonsense! They tackle reaaally important stuff that means a whole bunch to all of you potential suckers..I mean voters!

Like. Congress decided this week that they need to condemn Turkey for the Armenian Genocide that occurred 65 years ago. Yes, it was horrific and yes Congress should condemn it. That's not really the point. First, Turkey is a lonely secular democracy in the Mid-East and a struggling one at that. Second, now that we've decided to piss them off by condemning them they've decided attacking Iraq is a great idea. Third, the United States has participated and/or ignored plenty of genocide in the mere 231 years it's been gracing the globe's presence. And fourth, we aren't doing jack about Darfur or Burma or any of the other 'Insert Despotic Murderous Regime Serving 'Merkan Interests Here' now are we?

Should Turkey condemn the United States for genocide against the Native Americans we laid waste to in order to build strip malls on every corner? Should Turkey condemn the United States for kidnapping, enslaving and killing millions of Africans? Should Turkey condemn the United States for the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII in the same era they committed their own crime? Should Turkey condemn us for supporting the despotic terrorist-funding Saudi Royal Family? Should Turkey condemn the United States for the near 1 million Iraqi souls lost to our invasion and the civil war we created by invading Iraq? Should Turkey condemn the United States for Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo? If our holier-than-thou Congress is going to condemn genocide maybe they should start off with condemning the genocide they signed off on.

How many of you know that we dropped hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium bombs on Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia in the 90's? And how many of you know what happened to the cancer rates in those regions in the last decade? Guess what? The U.S. used the same uranium laden bombs in Iraq during the first Gulf War as we are today to the same devastating effect. Genocide isn't always a matter of mass immediate horrific violent death...sometimes it just invades the DNA of populations as well as the soil they grow food on and water they drink - killing them off at a slower rate. Depleted uranium not only kills off populations of indigenous folks by giving them cancer it also prevents them from having children that can live. And if that doesn't get your Pet Goat, our soldiers who served and are serving are not immune to the effect of depleted uranium.

I'll end this post with a personal message to Congress: Before you decide the United State's slate is so damn clean that at this point in our history you feel we have the moral authority to condemn other nations.....take a look at our own past, then take a look at our present, then listen to the 76% and the 89% of us who are so disgusted with who we've become. Then you take the floor of the House and Senate, take actions to correct every single one of our sins and crimes against humanity.....starting with the one we currently are committing in Iraq. When you are finished with that, then go ahead and condemn Turkey for the Armenian Genocide, because at that point you'll have the right to.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Childrens

Five days ago George Bush signed a decree marking October 1st National Child Health Day. Two days later he vetoed healthcare coverage for children. The amount of money we spend to occupy Iraq for two weeks could provide 9 million kids of 'Merka's working poor and lower middle class health care for a year. But instead Dubya McScroogepants says 'How's about we just give the adorable little knee-biters a freaking day instead?' What a great idea! Now the kids have a whole free day to celebrate in the waiting room of an emergency clinic. I can just imagine the National Child Health Day carol sung by the childrens in between their hacking coughs:

Today's the day we celebrate our health

And the fact it won't cost Republican's their wealth

True we may be sick and bleeding

But insurance companies won't be needing

To fear losing those profits they hold so dear

Their Congressional Friends will always be near

To take their campaign donations in exchange for a vote

Against free health care for kids whose parents can't afford a boat

So sing with us now, the children of the poor

We have a day named for our health but healthcare no more

Ya gotta love The Childrens, they are a scrappy bunch. At one time we were all worried 'Is They Learnin?' but after seeing this video I think we can conclude that The Childrens Do Learn. Word is while there is a veto-proof majority in the Senate, the House is a baker's dozen votes shy of the number needed to override Bush's veto of SCHIP. Who'd a thunk that there are some House Republicans that no likey The Childrens?

Sigh, but while The Childrens have proven they do learn can we say the same for The Adults? Eh...not so much. Extending healthcare to more children whose parents cannot afford monthly private insurance premiums of $1,500 is not 'going down the path of socialized medicine' as that pointy-nosed nasal-voiced White House spokes-hole Frau Perrino would have us believe. And the amount of tax revenue needed to cover these kids amounts to about $35.00 per American per year. I wonder how much that compares to how much the Iraq Occupation costs each American per year?

In a socialized medical system, the doctors work for the government which is not necessary with government administered single-payer programs. Private practice doctors currently accept SCHIP and Medicare payments for their services. In fact, private practice doctors have no trouble getting paid by Medicare but have to fight tooth and nail to get paid by private insurance companies. Doctors and hospitals have to pay through the nose to employ people to navigate the private health insurance industry. These government administered programs are run at 1/4 the cost of private health insurance.

But, that's the rub. The Insurance Lobby does not want to be put out of a job. Instead of working to lower their premiums and cover more people, they'd rather spend hundreds of millions a year paying off politicians and producing television ads to fight government assistance. Instead of lowering their CEO's salaries to say only 10 million a year they'd rather pay them four (or more) times as much. If insurance companies just did their freaking job efficiently and competitively we wouldn't need the government to do it for them. But no can do, instead these 'grown-ups' would rather deny health coverage to kids.

So, for those Liberal Drinkers out there that believe children are our future, you can find others just as wild about those little post-fetal buggers as you, right here. The Childrens need more than a 'special day' and a catchy tune to become The Futures. They need The Adults to grow up and do what's right.