Thursday, May 08, 2008

White + Male = Hardworking

I tell ya kids, I'm beginning to resent being called an elitist-latte-drinking-Volvo-driving-liberal-egghead by wealthy campaign surrogates/pundits in the Democratic party. Hearing that kind of right-wing framing of those of us left of center, by Democrats no less, is really beginning to piss me off. Especially considering that as a college educated person; my middle-class household has only one car that costs less than what Paul Begala makes in a month. And no, it's not a used Volvo. I wonder what that little troglodyte drives, hmmm? A used Ford Focus? My ass he does. Dollars to donuts Begala drives a recent year Beemer to fit his college education, fancy Beltway abode and above the five percentile income range.

And can someone please tell me what is with this meme being offered by Hillary's campaign that only white voters, especially the male ones, are hard-working? How can these supposedly smart people be so goddamned stupid? They have no real idea what America is really like and yet they have the nerve to say her opponent is out of touch.

The middle-class is not the only hard-working segment of this society. We have millions of people of all races classified as 'the working poor' stuck in low-wage jobs yet living at the poverty line. Most college educated people are members of the middle-class, not all of them are white, not all of them are men, and they all bust their asses working long hours 24/7/365. It's as if her campaign and it's surrogates are trapped in one 30 year long episode of 'All In The Family'.

To be fair, it isn't just the Clinton camp pigeonholing all of America. Every night some fool punditute from the Mediacracy plugs us into some role in the Bunker household. Edith and Gloria naturally support Hillary because she's a woman, Archie won't vote for a black guy, and Meathead is the lone Obama supporter because he's a lazy liberal unemployed college graduate.

If that dated sit-com allegory the politicians and pundits take as gospel were true: Hillary would have won soundly in overwhelmingly white states early in the primary. She'd have been running her campaign against her friend John McCain for three months now and Obama would be back in the Senate with his tail between his legs. But that's not how it's all worked out is it?

Aren't Democrats are supposed to be the party that believes all Americans regardless of race, gender, class or sexual orientation are equal and valuable? The party that is supposed to respect and encourage education instead of mocking it? The proudly liberal party that doesn't use the word liberal as an insult like right wing thugs?

Hillary's problem maintaining her 'inevitability' this election season didn't stem from chauvinists' leery of her gender or even a deep-seated Clinton animus; it was that she campaigned like a Republican in a Democratic race and that she listened to the idiots around her that told her only The Bunkers matter.