Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet Jesus I Hate Dianne Feinstein

I know, liberals aren't supposed to hate. But, even if it gives Bill O'Falafelly ammunition against us when addressing his audience of ornery octogenarians, everyone of you out there that calls yourself a liberal has hated someone in your lifetime.

Our saving grace is that the object of our derision is most likely a jerk-off in office that makes it hard for the average person to live a decent life and the fact we handle our hate differently. We don't oppress populations based on color, religion, or sexual orientation like Republicans. We don't advocate bombing the crap out of countries full of innocent civilians just as disgusted with their government as we are with ours, to feed pathetic oedipal personal demons.

Liberals argue, debate, form coalitions and advocate themselves out of their anger. We actually try to solve problems through the system...whether the Cons believe that or not. Liberals respect the Constitution and the laws of our land a hell of a lot more than any conservative.

So I am asking the liberals living in California to send Dianne Feinstein packing. To knock her off her lucrative powerful catbird seat. Feinstein represents everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. She is corrupt. She is a Republican tool. And regardless of the tired line of bullshit flung by any Senator or Representative voting against their party, she is not representing her district.

And please....look at the woman, does she even look like a Democrat to you? The old saying about putting a lump of coal up her ass and getting a diamond in two weeks pretty much sums it up. She looks like Margaret Thatcher's younger sister fer chrissakes! But I digress. Let's take this out of the shallow end of the pool and into the deep end. Let's look at Feinstein's work.

Dianne Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee: Her committee vote to allow anti-gay, anti-worker's rights, anti-civil right's judicial nominee Leslie Southwick to head to the floor gave the nation yet another SOB watching out for 'the straight man' from the bench.

Dianne Feinstein on Telecom Immunity:

Dianne Feinstein on Mukasey:

Dianne Feinstein on FISA:

Dianne Feinstein on The Patriot Act:

Dianne Feinstein on Continuing The Iraq Occupation:

Aw, hell, how about a catch-all link to Dianne Feinstein's overall voting record as a Democrat:

Read the last one if you read any of these links kids, then tell me this woman is a Democrat. I think George Voinovich might even have a better Democrat voting record than she. I was blown away by how many of her votes tacked with the Republican side....alternative energy, civil rights, government accountability etc..etc. Judging by her votes, one cannot even call her a Moderate Democrat, a more appropriate label would be Right Wing Democrat.

And if all the evidence I've presented is not enough to convince California Democrats into doing something about Dianne....Trent Lott, the man who lamented that racist douche-bag Strom Thurmond never became president, gets all choked up and tingly in the loins when talking about his Diry Di. Trent 'I Don't Wanna Share My Drinking Fountain' Lott loves Di to death. And California keeps voting his object of affection to office. WTF?

Cali Dems, I'm Clevelander enough to admit that the West Coast is one of the major trend-setters for the nation though I'm sure that's entirely due to former Clevelanders moving to your lovely state. But come on...if you want us lowly middle-country folk to vote for progressive candidates you gotta set an example for us and give the boot to your representatives that are not. We have Kucinich and you have Feinstein?....I personally think you should be pissed about that. And we both should be pissed we don't have a Bernie Sanders. Ah, to be a Vermonter...sigh.

One final note, just so folks don't think I'm some self-loathing female jealous of strong women like White House Spokes-liar Dana 'Ewwww...Like..You Know...The Little People Gross Me Out!' Perrino, in the coming weeks stay tuned for my post 'Sweet Jesus I Hate Rahm Emmanuel' because Saaawheeweet Jaysus I really do!