Thursday, March 06, 2008

We Have Met The Enemy And He/She Is Us

Well kids. I'm glad our primary election is over but I'm beginning to come down with a wicked case of Buyer's Remorse. Weeks ago I thought I had finally realized some grand wish to have my vote counted. And it was. And that's great. And I have no doubt it was a fair election. And yes, I still think a national primary should be held on one day across the nation so we can all have our say at one time. Do it all in March or April. Make it a National Holiday for pity's sake.

How freaking hard can that be to do? Congress names post offices, streets, and days for all sorts of people and reasons all of the time. Need to name something after the guy who put the first water pump in some obscure town in America back in 1882? No problem! Congress will spring to action. If Congress has the time to spend acknowledging Christianity's contribution to our Secular nation; it can manage to give us all one freaking day to pick our presidential candidates.

But. This race for the Democratic nomination has gotten really ugly. Please spare me the lecture. I know the Republicans will lie, cheat, smear, steal, mug grandmas, kick puppies, double-dip the salsa, rip the tags off mattresses, and sell their souls to Satan to win in November. They've done it before. I get it. I just do not like watching Democrats act like Republicans.

The Punditutes would have us believe that such politicking is to be respected, it shows that the candidate is a 'fighter'. I just don't buy it. Since when is lying, fomenting bigotry, fear mongering and openly mocking voters respectable? Here are some examples of good old 'Merkan politicking that get the cocktail weenies of Mediacratic Mooks standing at attention:

By the way, I looked for similar examples for the other Democratic Candidate in this race. The worst factual example I found was a dispute over the word "boon". And while lots of folks may want that candidate to fight the slime with more slime to win the nomination. I do not. Since when is fighting lies and garbage with more lies and garbage the admirable or practical thing to do? So, what happens if the person who slings the most garbage wins the Nom?

More lies and garbage for 3 months until they win or lose in November. If they lose then it will be "The Democrats turned moderates and independents off with their nasty campaigning". If they win? Well then we'll have another President who was willing to lie, cheat, smear, steal, mug grandmas, kick puppies, double-dip the salsa, rip the tags off of mattresses and sell their soul to Satan to be President.

In other words, nothing will change.