Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Farewell to....Sex.

When Dubya McAwol was informed of the tragedy at Virginia Tech, he publicly expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and in the next breath reiterated his belief in right of 'Merkans to bear arms. Ya think he could have waited a day or two after the families got over the initial shock before he sent his big wet butt-smooch to the NRA over the airwaves? This is further proof that it really is for the best he doesn't attend military funerals.

The GOP (R-The NRA's Beyotch) seems to think more guns are the answer to mass murder on campus. Arm the students! Arm the teachers! Arm the lunch-lady! Yeehaw! They fancy themselves Rambos in their wet dreams while avoiding the real life gunfights they could experience if they had the balls to enlist. Those Republix just crack me up. If all 'Merkans (including the brown, poor, atheist, gay and female ones they don't like) really did carry guns those chicken-hawk turds wouldn't leave their basements.

Speaking of stinky reich-wingers: today the SCOTUS upheld the Machievellian late-term abortion ban passed & signed during the last Congress by smug old white guys that need a Cialis drip to get it up enough to take a standing piss. Thanks to Samuel Alito, the man who wrote the anti-choice game-plan for eliminating female reproductive rights for Reagan, this decision was made into the law of the land with no exceptions for the welfare of the mother. Gee, I wonder what other future medical decisions Bush's Supreme Court will make for us little folk?

Sadly, as long as the NRA keeps the GOP and the DLC Dems in their pocket; it will be a miracle if we see the common sense gun reform a large majority of us support - let alone an end to tragedies like VT or Columbine. While we cannot count on even the Democrats to stop the Right Wing War On Uteri, there is something we 'Merkan women can do as far as this SCOTUS decision is concerned. We can withold all sex (including oral) from our male partners until Congress passes new legislation on this procedure that ensures the health and welfare of women.

No sex means no pregnancy which means not putting ourselves in harms way just to ensure the survival of the human race. Let's see how expendable 'Merkan men think women are after six lonely months with Rosie Palm, her five sisters and the stark reality of their DNA coming to a halt with their own passing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Know I Am But What Are You?

So, a grizzly racist sexist buffoon lost his show for being the jerk-off he is. Can't say I'll miss Imus' affectionate terms for Jewish folks or black people or women, or other societal groups he obviously didn't like because they weren't white, the correct religion or male enough.

I don't know where the white males of the correct religion who are the DC political and journalistic elite will go for their network legitimized frat-boy humor anymore, but....Hillary Clinton got the last laugh now, didn't she boys? And unlike old Donny, she still has a J-O-B! Ha! I guess the I-Man has just learned what a ruthless bitch karma can be. Aw. OK enough gloating. Please read these posts by Barbara Ehrenreich and Nina Burleigh on the subject, I guarantee a chuckle or two.

Our communication as a whole has become a whole lot coarser over the years granted but, sorry white folks, you cannot blame Hip-Hop alone for this phenomena. Black people and Hip-Hop artists did not invent the N-word nor were they first to put it to use as a derogatory term for black people. No - that honor goes to caucasians. Women didn't invent the word 'bitch' nor did they think 'Hey, what a neat nickname for ourselves!', that honor goes to men. And finally, gay people didn't get together one day and think 'You know what I'd like to be called? F***ot has a nice ring to it!' No - that honor goes to heterosexuals. In every case where a derogatory term in our language has been coined and used to demean a group; the majority group with all the power has been the one to do so.

Being a woman, I can understand black and gay people using these derogatory terms in their own way to take the power of those insults away from those who coined and used them to demean. Because I no longer get upset when a man calls me a bitch, I just think 'Yes I am and what are you going to do about it Biff?'. Taking back your own power by taking the power out of their insults feels good and right.

I'm not about to let the Hip-Hop culture totally off the hook, some artists use language that promotes sexism and violence gratuitously; but many others use some of this derogatory language to express the societal condition they know. Don Imus cannot blame Hip-Hop for the impetus that drove him to call those girls 'ho's', he's a good old cowboy that promotes country music for f**ks sake. He used those words to put down women playing sports.

I know lots of folks are upset at how much coverage the Imus thing has gotten over other news but I have to tell you I am relieved a guy like him was exposed. It's not news that we have a race problem in this country but our ingrained sexism came to light when Imus and his gang of sexists giggled when calling a group of young tough women kicking serious butt on the basketball court "ho's".

This brouhaha isn't going to 'destroy free speech' as the wimpy Rush Limbaugh and other white male 'shock jocks' seem to fear. What they fail to understand is that free speech is not without consequence. Of course they still have their constitutional right to call me a bitch or a ho; but that doesn't mean I have to shut up and take it. It's just as much my right to stand up for myself and say to them: "Women are responsible for most of this nation's household purchasing decisions and I think I'll give your advertisers a little jingle. Oh and another thing, that's Mrs. Supreme Bitch-ho to you and don't you forget it".

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Women Behaving Badly

Sigh. These days women just refuse to know their place. If it isn't Rosie O'Donnell getting Bill 'O Falafelly all red and splotchy in the face or Elizabeth Edward's refusal to crawl in a hole and die; it's that uppity Nancy Pelosi thinking that just because she's third in line for the presidency and leader of the co-equal branch of our government she can go on a diplomatic mission.

It's been quite amusing to witness all the Con-men getting their starched name-tagged BVD's twisted up over Pelosi's trip to Syria. Dubya called it a 'bad decision' (unlike all his GREAT decisions right?). The wingnut blogosphere screamed in typical hypocritical faux-feminist outrage: 'Eeeek! She wore a headscarf'. Yosemite John Bolton said: Well tarnation! 'She's just bein counter-productive!' . The Washington GOPost Talking Point Page harrumphed: "She's trying to run a shadow presidency!" And finally, Dick 'The Mad Lurker' Cheney lamented to a fellow fat-ass fat-cat that Nancy's been a baaaadd girl....you see he's the only one allowed to run a shadow presidency.

Naturally, not a one mentioned that Bad Boys of their own party had been taking in the Syrian sights of late. Where are the harrumphing 'counter-productive, bad-decision, shadow-presidenting' accusations for these guys? Are they off the hook because they didn't wear head-scarves? Oops! Silly me! I completely forgot the conservative double-standard rule! They were men and they were Republican..duh! The GOP Syria delegation could have taken Osama Bin Laden out for an all-night titty-bar hopping binge and Sean Hannity would have declared them Patriots.

Not to be outdone by the guys, old boy's club member wannabe and CNN punditute Suzanne Malveaux (R-Bushiette In Training) has exhibited the worst case of penis-envy I've witnessed in a long time. Sorry kids, Anne Coulter doesn't count; there's no envy there. And Michelle Malkin is fine with not having a penis, it's them foreign-looking folks that freak her right out. Anyhow, I digress. Back to the boy named Sue.

While filling in for Wolf 'Please Don't Hurt Me Mr. Cheney' Blitzer on The Situation Room this week, Catty Sue claimed Ms. Pelosi (third in presidential succession and leader of Congress) has no standing to embark on diplomatic trip to Syria and that it was a 'big wet kiss' for their president. MEEE-OW Malveaux! What's her angle? Helen Thomas' front seat in the White House Press Corps Briefing Room? Or perhaps behind the podium? Geez, and I thought Blitzer was a GOP toe-sucking hack! It just goes to show that the old saying is true: anything a boy can do a girl can do better.

And it's obvious that old saying is exactly why the Cons & their media concubines can't stand Nancy Pelosi...she's a really good effective Speaker, better than anyone they could come up with. She'd never get a Medal of Honor or a "Heck of a job Nan!"from Dubya. The Cons don't like leaders, they like followers. They eschew competentcy in favor of scapegoating. They prefer fear over respect. They despise government and Pelosi is showing Americans what good government can do...which is a hell of a lot better than we've had the last six years.